About us

DAKNA is a cooperative that is farming in a beautiful nature environment in the north of Slovakia at the foothill of Oravské Beskydy mountains. Its agricultural land spreads through nine cadasters, it is farming on 2 929 hectares of land, including 975 hectares of arable land, 1 839 hectares of grass covers and 115 hectares of fruit orchards.

The nature and climatic conditions in the north of Slovakia are severe therefore the core of our business is the animal production – mainly cow and sheep farming, although the cooperative also provides various non-agricultural services a.g. rental of the non- residential units.

Fodders and cereals represent main products of the plant production. Red currents. raspberries , small fruits and arony thrive well in the cooperative´s orchards.

This is what essentially influences the basic structure of the cooperative agro production. All activities are well planned there and every future investment or decision is attentively thought over. In return the cooperative has already been ranking for several years among the top ten Top Agro companies farming in mountain areas.